Founder and CEO of Last Minute Hair and Last Minute Hair Presents

Tiffany Shelly

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Shelly started her career as a licensed cosmetologist over 12 years ago. She is now the Founder and CEO of Last Minute Hair, an on-delivery service, making it easier for beauty consumers to locate and buy their beauty products from their local beauty supply stores and delivering within one hour or less. She is also the curator and mastermind behind Last Minute Hair Presents, an all- exclusive beauty expo aimed to highlight up and coming beauty brands and setting the foundation to catapult them into success with strategic mentorship and distribution. Tiffany has made a name for herself as a solo entrepreneur and mom of two girls, becoming a go to mentor for marketing and strategy.

“This isn’t just about the empowerment of self; this is to empower people who feel there’s no space for them. You either make space or build a new table and not only take your seat but own it.”

Tiffany Shelly

Tiffany has emerged as a person to watch with her sharp marketing strategies and innate business know-how. She aims to stimulate economic growth within marginalize communities and turn the beauty industry on its head with new innovative services that will continue to connect beauty businesses with their target customers

Last Minute Hair is a Certified WBE

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