Past Contestants


Beauty Brand of the Year 2021 Winner

Pretty Girl Products

Founder: Ashley Grayson

Exclusively Yourz Wigtique llc was created to help the population of the women that where suffering from hair loss and hair issues . I created this company to help design custom wigs for women to help them feel beautiful regardless to there situation. Pretty Girl Products is a professional grade product to help stimulate healthy hair growth.

Snack Bar Cosmetics

Founder: Croshana Floyd

Snack Bar Cosmetics, founded in 2020 in Chicago, provides you with a snack bar experience, where everything is uniquely made to mimic your favorite snacks/ beverages, very functional but not edible at all. Customers love how moisturizing and long lasting our products are and how their skin feels afterwards. Our products are made with love, personality and the best all natural products on the market. We currently have soaps, body butters, body scrubs and body washes. Give us a try, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Ever So Slayed

Founder: Tatikqua Austin

100% Raw Unprocessed Virgin Hair Cuticles Fully Aligned 
Product of Cambodia 🇰🇭 

Mu & Me Natural Skincare

Founder: Mercedes McNeal

Mu & Me Natural Skincare offer natural skin care products for all skin types. From Ebony-Dark Queens to Caramel Ladies and Snow White Princesses, our natural blend of organic herbs, flowers and essentials oils are developed and formulated to deliver the best skincare experience obtainable without the worries of damaging side effects. Mu & Me understand that beauty is beyond soap suds and creams, it is as much about how you feel on the inside as it is about what you see on the outside. No matter your skin tone, budget or background, there is a Mu & Me solution for you.


Founder: Gregory Joseph

Electrical hairbrush that makes it easier for your hair to form waves.

Healthy Intentions

Founder: Alice and Keisha Longino

Healthy Intentions is a mom and daughter product line that consist of CBD and sea moss infused products to benefit the health needs of both adults and children.

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